Mouth Guards


Dr. Macks strongly believes in night guards to take the pressure off your teeth when you sleep. It also helps reduce headaches associated with teeth grinding. Custom-fitted night guards are a vital part of the process. Due to the use of the special material, extra time and work involved, these tend to be a bit more expensive, but they provide much more comfort and protection over the long haul.

By not protecting your teeth from grinding at night, a few different dental problems can arise. Sore jaw, constant headaches and in some cases, tooth loss can all be a consequence of teeth grinding.

Steps to stop teeth grinding:

  • Reduce the stress in your life.
  • Avoid alcohol. Grinding usually intensifies after alcohol consumption.
  • Do not chew on pencils, pens or anything that isn't food.
  • Relax your jaw muscles at night by holding a warm washcloth against your cheek or in front of your earlobe.
  • Ask Dr. Macks his opinion on night guards and how one could help you stop the grinding at night.

Please call Dr. Alan Macks' friendly office staff with any questions. They can walk you through any insurance or private pay questions.

Our Happy Patients

"Dr. Macks and his staff are amazing. We stumbled across this office when my husband was having horrible tooth pain and needed emergency care. We called around to numerous dentists and left several messages (it was after hours about 9 pm). Dr. Macks was the only one to ever call us back, he wrote a prescription to help him through the night then scheduled him first thing in morning. They very good care of my husband at this appointment and we knew we'd be life long patients! This was about 5 years ago and we have been going ever since. We receive superior care every time we go. They are so friendly and kind . Several members of our family have started seeing Dr. Macks as well. "

Brittany B. Brittany B.

"I have been going to this Dental office for over 10 years now and I would never go anywhere else. The entire office staff is friendly and professional and your personal dental hygienist will greet you in the waiting room with a smile every appointment. I use to loathe going to the dentist but this staff makes a pleasant experience every visit. I have referred my friends and family to Dr Macks and will definitely continue to do so."

Dylan W. Dylan W.

"If you are looking for a dentist, call Dr. Macks now. He is by far the most capable and humane dentist I have ever visited. He did more for me in one appointment than other dentists have done for me over my whole life. He is helping me get my teeth where they need to be faster and better than I knew was even possible. And he can do almost everything in his beautiful, comfortable office. His staff are wonderful too. He is getting very busy so appointments are precious. Going to Dr. Macks was one of the best decisions I"ve made with my dental care, now all of my family goes to him. This recommendation is meant for Dr. Macks and not for the other dentists that practice in his office."

Glenda F. Glenda F.
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